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William Kent Krueger

Ordinary Grace: Praise and Press

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“A novel that transforms narrator and reader alike.”
Kirkus (starred review) [Read full review]

“…elegiac, evocative…a resonant tale of fury, guilt, and redemption.”
Publishers Weekly

“Pitch-perfect… I loved this book.”
—Dennis Lehane, author of Mystic River, Shutter Island, The Given Day

“[T]his is a touching coming-of-age novel about family, faith and the empathy that can come from a violent loss… there’s such a quiet beauty in his prose and such depth to his characters that I was completely captivated by this book’s ordinary grace.”
—Carole E. Barrowman, Minneapolis Star-Tribune [read full review]

“Not often does a story feel at once fresh and familiar. But Ordinary Grace… is both, and it is affecting… Frank’s voice is charming. His journey is compelling. He and New Bremen grow up together in the pages of Ordinary Grace, and Krueger’s portrait of the summer of 1961 is colorful and rich.”
—Tucker Shaw, The Denver Post [read full review]

“There’s no ‘getting into’ this book—Ordinary Grace is engaging from the first page, a quiet novel that unfurls its sad story slowly, but eloquently, leaving its mark on your heart.”
—Chris Stuckenschneider, The Missourian [read full review]

“One cannot read Ordinary Grace without feeling as if it is destined to be hailed as a classic work of literature… one of those very rare books in which one regrets reaching its end, knowing that the experience of having read it for the first time will never be repeated. Krueger, who is incapable of writing badly, arguably has given us his masterpiece.”
—Joe Hartlaub, Bookreporter.com [read full review]

Ordinary Grace is anything but ordinary; an absolutely beautiful book! The plot is suspenseful, yet so touching, and the setting and characters are so vivid that I will feel their impact for some time. It’s beautiful, thought-provoking and engrossing.”
—Kim from Frisco, TX, a Bookreporter.com Sneak Peek reader. Read more reviews by other Sneak Peek readers.

“Krueger has written a moving story, replete with authentic characters who grow in wisdom and grace and learn to accept what they cannot change.”
—Valerie Ryan, Shelf Awareness [read full review]

“Frank and Jake made an indelible impression on me; these are characters who live and breathe and get into your heart. The book is emotionally compelling and deals with maintaining faith and moving on from terrible losses… my best read so far this year.”
—Maddy Van Hertbruggen, Reviewing the Evidence [read full review]

“Though this is a stand-alone novel, Krueger stays true to his roots, producing a thoughtful literary mystery that is wholly compelling and will appeal to fans of Dennis Lehane and Tom Franklin. Writing with aching clarity, Krueger deftly shows that even in life’s moments of unimaginable sadness there is beauty to be found. Don’t take the title too literally, for Krueger has produced something that is anything but ordinary.”
—Stephanie Harrison, Bookpage.com [read full review]

“The voice is pure; the characters are real… This is a story to remind us that we are human and that the important thing is not the big stuff. The story will stick with you long after you put it down.”
—Clay Stafford, Killer Nashville [read full review]

“Krueger does a wonderful job of not only telling a beautiful and engaging story, but of revealing in even the smallest of ways how grace enters into brokenness and loss and grief and provides hope.”
—Timothy Stege, The Englewood Review of Books [read full review]

“A book that you can’t put down and don’t want to end… Ordinary Grace is a great book. And it deserves as wide an audience as it can get.”
—Men Reading Books [read full review]

“This engrossing novel is a great success for Krueger.”
—The Bowed Bookshelf [read full review]

“A really great book with a wonderful, pitch perfect voice. I very much recommend it.”
—Abigail Tarttelin, Huffington Post U.K. [read full review]

Ordinary Grace is stunning! The build-up of suspense is almost Hitchcockian in its subtlety and pervasiveness. ”
—Seattle Mystery Bookshop [read full review]

“This delicate, sturdy, suspenseful, sensitive and amazing story will stay with you long after you’ve finished the last page… I’ve read it twice and am already looking forward to revisiting it a third time. If there are any better books written this year, or for several years to come, I’d be very surprised.”
—Aunt Agatha’s [read full review]

“A poignant family tale, in this passage of time, humanity, characters take the stage with love, respect, loss, belief, forgiveness and redemption running its course, gracefully delivered.”
—Lou Pendergrast, More2Read.com [read full review]

“The novel explores faith, mysticism, and rationality in thoughtful, even-handed and open ways that lend itself to recollection and continuing reflection, regardless of readers’ experiences in those areas of life. The characters, and there are many, are carefully and consistently well-drawn. This is a novel of discovery and exploration, for the author and for readers. A well-done reading experience for anyone.”
—Carl Brookins, Agora2 [read full review]

“Inevitable comparisons will be made to ‘Stand By Me,’ and that’s not far off the mark. Beautifully written and at times heartbreaking, Ordinary Grace is a must-read for mystery and literary fans alike.”
—Crime Fiction Lover [read full review]

“[A] thoughtful portrait of small town life and the inhabitants therein. Via strong, multi-layered characterizations, the author maps the deep-rooted values that once marked the souls of flawed, God-fearing people.”
—Kathleen Gerard, Reading Between the Lines [read full review]

“This is a coming of age story and a murder mystery wrapped up in one truly entertaining and gripping tale. Krueger has written a wonderful novel that will please readers of his Cork O’Conner series and new ones as well.”
—Mari Reads [read full review]

“Highly recommended… I’ll admit I shed more than one tear.”
—Fictionophile [read full review]