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A Note From Kent

Manitou Canyon by William Kent KruegerI published Iron Lake, my first novel in the Cork O’Cork series, in 1998. On September 6 of this year, I will publish #15 in the series: Manitou Canyon. When that first novel came out, I was happy just to have been published. I had no inkling of the long, wonderful journey ahead of me. Today, when I think about everything I’ve experienced along the way, and when I look ahead to all the good things still in front of me, I am, as my British friends might say, absolutely gobsmacked.

For any of you who have been interested enough to follow my journey, you may be aware that it’s been almost two years since I published a Cork O’Connor novel—or any other novel, for that matter. I’d intended to relax in that time, but things have worked out a little differently than I’d planned. Over the past two years I’ve traveled across the country to present more than one hundred and fifty book events. In collaboration with the fine folks at Asap Publishing, I’ve been at work on a comprehensive and visually stunning presentation of the short stories and essays I’ve written. It’s titled 10,000 Lakes: Tales from the North Country and will be available later this summer. Very soon, Atria Books will be releasing a reader’s guide and sampler of my series called The World of Cork O’Connor, which I had a solid hand in shaping.

I’m also well into the writing of #16 in the series, a novel that will be titled Sulfur Springs and is scheduled for release in the fall of 2017. With what little time I’ve had left over, I’ve been composing the companion novel to Ordinary Grace. It will be called This Tender Land, with a publication date in the spring of 2018.

mugSo I haven’t been slacking off.

Keep an eye on my website and my Facebook page for specific information about all these upcoming publications, and also the book tour this fall for Manitou Canyon. I’ve got a couple contests planned to begin soon that will net the winners a very early look at this next Cork novel and also a chance at winning a personalized mug with my mug on it.

Gobsmacked. I do love that word.

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