William Kent Krueger

A Note From Kent

Desolation Mountain by William Kent Krueger

The past year has been an odd, unsettling one for so many of us and for so many reasons. But as we step into this new year, I urge us all to go forward with hope. For me personally, 2018 holds much promise.

In 2003, I published my first stand-alone novel, a political thriller titled The Devil’s Bed. Despite glowing reviews, The Devil’s Bed didn’t sell well, mostly because Cork O’Connor wasn’t in it. One of the pitfalls of writing a series with a popular protagonist is that readers are often unwilling to take a chance on a book in which that character is absent. But over the years since its publication, the novel has attracted a significant following, primarily the result of strong word of mouth recommendations. I constantly receive emails from readers eager to know when I’ll bring back the hero of The Devil’s Bed, an introspective Secret Service agent named Bo Thorson. Well, this is the year.

I’ve just completed the manuscript for Desolation Mountain, the seventeenth in my Cork O’Connor series. The story returns Cork to his home in the North Country of Minnesota, where he’s joined by Bo Thorson in the investigation of a mysterious plane crash that has killed a U.S. senator. Desolation Mountain is a thriller with political overtones and with all the hallmarks of a Cork O’Connor novel—the great Northwoods, the Ojibwe, Cork’s family, and, of course, Henry Meloux. It’s due for publication in August, and I’m really stoked. I promise to have an excerpt posted soon.

Finally, with this novel in the pipeline, I’ll be able to turn my full attention to completion of This Tender Land, the long-awaited companion novel to Ordinary Grace. But more about that later.

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