William Kent Krueger

A Note From Kent

Sulfur Springs by William Kent KruegerEvery year on January 1, a door opens. The new year lies before me, full of nothing but promise. There will be walls to be scaled, I know, and unexpected pitfalls to leap. Some dreams will be realized, and others will be put aside until I open the door next January 1. I try to enter every new year filled with hope.

In the months ahead, I’ll be finishing the revisions to Sulfur Springs, #16 in my Cork O’Connor series. The down and dirty: Cork finds himself far from his beloved Minnesota, battling in the brutal Arizona desert, fighting not only for his own life but also for the lives of immigrant women and children caught in the crossfire of the drug war raging along our border with Mexico. I’m quite happy with the manuscript, which will be published this coming fall.

I’ll also be at work on the companion novel to Ordinary Grace, which will be titled This Tender Land. Set in southern Minnesota, deep in the turmoil of the Great Depression, it’s the story of four orphans running from the law, accused of crimes they didn’t commit—robbery, kidnapping, and murder. It’s a little bit Charles Dickens, a little bit Mark Twain, and with more than a passing nod to Homer. I’m having such fun with this story. Currently, it’s set for publication in the fall of 2018. I’ll keep you posted on its progress.

My wish for you, as you step into this new year, is that, despite the hardships ahead, whatever they may be, you never lose hope.

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